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February 6, 2011
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DAMMED App - Leon Sylph by ArchSpike DAMMED App - Leon Sylph by ArchSpike
App for :icond-a-m-m-e-d:
(description needs to be revamped a little)

:bulletgreen: Name
Leon Sylph

:bulletgreen: Age

:bulletgreen: Sex

:bulletgreen: Height
192 cm / 6'4f (in demonform: 200 cm/6'7f to 500 cm/16'5 depending on the tendrils' length. Without them it would be only like 110 cm/3'7f)

:bulletgreen: Weight
63 kg/139lbs (in demonform he has no weight)

:bulletgreen: Partner

:bulletgreen: Personality
+ cheerful nature
+ tries to perk everyone up
+ loves to have fun with others
- tends to appear creepier than he wants to be
- often annoys people with exaggerated happiness
- Usually acts without thinking
Leon once was very focussed on human girls and is still interested in them. However - his approach is quite more natural and laid back than it was before.
Leon has not really an aim in his life - comming to DAMMED was merly a happy coincidence for him. However - if he comes to really want something, he can become quite sinister to those who stand in his way (Rare case actually - but may happen). Even then he would only use violence if attacked. If he has nothing special to do, he would instantly create some cubes of air and toss them around randomly and just for fun. Leon takes happenings as they come and tries to deal best with them. Basically he doesn't care about things that MIGHT or MIGHT NOT happen, he is just positive and carries one with a smile.
Ever since he arrived at the Devil Facility, his behaviour has changed a little. He hates the place and is not afraid to say it out loud. However, he strongly believes that at one point he and all his friends are able to break through the barrier and receive freedom once again, later being an aspect of utter importance to the wind demon.

:bulletgreen: Element

:bulletgreen: Species
Sylincar - more Information found here:

:bulletgreen: Abilities
Leon can majorly alter the density of air and control it then. This way he litterally can crate weapons out of thin air. His speciality are spheres of condensed air - very destructive wind bombs.
In his demonform he has no weight and can move freely by using wind. The green sphere in his stomach is his so called "Core" and stores energy.
Passive: In his demonform he can use his shred-like tendrils which replace his limbs to grab things and lift them. If the grabbed object is alive, the shreds start to draw energy from it slowly but noticably. If something is in contact with those shreds for too long, they will pass out and eventually even die. To Leon draining energy is a valid replacement for eating.

:bulletgreen: Other skills
- hand-to-hand-combat
- cooking
- visual thinking (an ability that works with his abilities - his imagination is what controls his powers in the end)

:bulletgreen: Weaknesses
- Fire (corrupts air-structure and disables him to make shapes, however - he is still able to cluster air and send it out as blasts)
- Rainy Days (not that much of a weakness but decreasing his mood decreases his will to battle)
- the green orb in his stomach (if hit with a strong enough attack - it's a solid gem after all)
- Technology

:bulletgreen: Story
Leon was born in a little abondened village in the mountains of greece as son of the anshrined Sylph. She died after his birth and disappeared, leaving the young demon on his own. Leon never met one of his own kind since he was a new species - a mixed breed. Even he never stopped to believe that he couldn't be the only one of his kind. He kept roaming the world and tried to get into contact with other demons and humans. Usually tho they escaped from him or went straight to attack the demon. However - he would not give up. He started to copy the voices of humans and began to learn english in order to communicate with the human kind - unfortunatelly it wouldn't be of any use. His inability to show emotions made him seem cold and hostile. The fact that he could not always control his powers properly actually made him dangerous - at his young age he happened to injure or even kill humans by accident - something he still regrets.after about more than a century he had his first peaceful encounter with a human - a little girl that lived on a farm with her family. He successfully revealed his true nature to her and developped his first friendship - however, he kept wandering around in order to find more company. After some further years, he accidently sumpled upon the DAMMED-base in russia and got captured. The holding cells were something he hated from the bottom of his heart but as he finally got bonded with a human partner, he developped the ability to be fully happy.

His first partner was Stan, a rather unsocial young woman who had not many people to get around with. He often tried to get her among people but those attempts failed - nevertheless he was proud of her when she figured out to use his abilities very precisely. Leon would often talk about her and tell people that she was a special person to him - not only because of the bond but because of reasons he couldn't explain at that point.
However - one day he got called into the Captain's office and got introduced to Tsuyu as new partner. Stan had deserted and the military needed her to be replaced. All Leon still has from Stan are a framed picture on his night table, the green gloves he wears all the time and all the memories. Although it was difficult to get used to a new partner, he managed to develop a harmonic relationship to her. Still - he did never forget about Stan and would still defend her in case someone offended her.

Although he missed the base somewhat, he appreciated his life on the island, once again being close to the nature he was used to from his time before DAMMED. He also grew more mature, being confronted with multiple conflicts. His partnership with Tsuyu increased in strength significantly due to both of them taking over minor personality traits of the others

His character turned upside down when he and his comrads were abducted to the Devil Facility, having become a subject for research. He hates this new prison and displayed an extremly aggressive behaviour at the start. While Tsuyu managed to somewhat calm him, this didn't get him back to his usual cheerful self. This changed when he tried to make use of a blackout in the facility to get through the Anti-Demon-Barrier surrounding the place. He spent an entire month attempting to destroy it from the inside but failed every single time, even falling comatose for about four months afterwards. When he woke up, his partner Tsuyu and his friend Ruben Greene were there to welcome him back to life. From then on he seemed a lot happier but also more serious than before, now searching to make allies among the new recruits so eventually they can break out of the Devil Facility.

:bulletgreen: Additional Info
- cannot draw (will claim he can)
- hates mirrors (The times where he flow over the ocean and only had his mirrored self to look at were his loneliest times - he kinda developped a hatred against mirroring surfaces since then)
- his eyes glow in the dark (not strong enough to light a room up but you can locate him in the dark)
- loves technology (mostly cuz he doesn't understand it)
- tends to poke people when they ignore him
- He has the habit to snap his fingers when using his powers although that would not be necessarry.
- Kissing him would result in a weak relaxing feeling (since Leon inherits incubus blood). A stronger effect might occur by sexual intercourse. Still Leon does not know about this effect he has on others then.
- The shreds on his demonform have no nerves and can be ripped without a problem. The regrow easily.
- The hair in his demonform would feel like silk but if one attempted to grab it, their hands would go through it like it was air.
- The "thing" that replaces his mouth (in demonform) is actually a pretty hard bone-like structure.
> His hair color has gotten a little lighter. The coma has weakened his body and this is mostly visible here.
> He uses a cane to walk around. While he can still use his powers to fly, his muscles are still not ready to carry him on their own.
> The wrist band was put on him as a collar after a facility worker saw him remove it by transforming.
> His overall behaviour seems to have changed as he appears to be a lot calmer now...


Leon's fighting style is pretty random and hard to foresee. Usually he takes every battle as a game and therefore not serious. Most of the time he creates blades out of air and uses them like a normal swordsman. At one point he might start controlling his weapons from far away. If a fight gets to be really tense, he might spam a dangerous arsenal of blades. Since a certain assignment, he also uses wind-bombs on a rather daily basis, even experimenting using them new ways occasionally.
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